help im afraid to do what i love because im doing what makes money

help im afraid to do what i love because im doing what makes money

By chance, I saw a part-time job doing mobile phone coding in my circle of friends. It looked very simple. You only need to enter 4 characters. The time is free. There are codes for 24 hours. Seeing it was good, I tried it for about a year. Since doing this part-time job, my life is no longer so boring.

There are various problems in the problem list, all of which are raised by students. As a tutor, if you have the ability to solve them, provide solutions. After success, you will be paid accordingly. It is worth mentioning that if your answers are brilliant enough, you will continue to gain benefits if students choose your tutorial for similar questions.

In recent years, with the implementation of the second-child policy, the number of births in the family has been increasing. At this time, it is a good choice to choose to run a warm maternal and child supplies store.

I recommend everyone to play the Tetris game, because it has a zero threshold. It can be said that everyone will play it, because it does not have any technical content, but don’t underestimate this project. We just subdivide and subdivide. It came out, the operation method is very simple, play the game for a few hours every day, and put aside the inherent thinking that you must send videos to make Douyin, we directly play the game live, and the product realized is to sell game consoles, precisely because People up to eighty years old and as young as four can play, so this product can cover people of any age, regardless of men, women and children, suitable for this product, plus this small game console is not very expensive. It is very decompressed, and it is actually very easy to issue orders.

As for whether you can make money after joining, I'm sorry, I can't guarantee you the king of heaven. After all, the way of business has always been eight losses and one profit. This is a probability. You can't go against the sky.

Obviously, such a simple money-making model is conducive to online earning novices to experience the authenticity of making money online, which is a good thing for the entire industry. And more and more people are choosing teams to operate websites and get ranking rewards, which provides a new way to make money. All in all, with this platform, we can make money calmly.

Answer: This is a three-level distribution model rather than an MLM model. I suggest Baidu to check the difference between three-level distribution and MLM

Yes, what the tailor said roughly is: a powerful large company buys a device similar to a 3D printer (according to him, this device is at least tens of millions), you go to a station inside, and there are multiple scanners around you It will scan your whole body, not just the "measures", every detail is there, it is estimated that there are thousands of data, the traffic hangs up to make money, and then enter the computer program, you have the data needed for your clothes , And then through the design, pattern making and other procedures, your "exclusive and personal customization" clothes are placed in front of you!

The question is, when the passion recedes, what do we take to support ourselves. Everyone is 35 years old, and everyone will lose the vitality they had when they were young. Does this mean compromise?